I think i have been in the village for too long that i forgot my blog URL wts. Took some trouble to find it HAHA. Anyways I LOVE VIETNAM!! 🙂 Esp the village haha. Honestly it was quite weird when i first reached there cos the sun sets at 5 plus (vietnam time) like what?!?!?! […]

You Will Break Your Own Heart

Originally posted on Thought Catalog:
Our hearts always seem most susceptible to breaking by the person we least suspect — especially when that person is us. That’s what’s so dangerous about it — we’re mostly unaware. We run around protecting our hearts as though the idea that we’re closed off and solitary will do any good, without ever thinking that the…

Kite Runner

This book is still kinda stuck in my mind idk why and it lead me to randomly think about this question of who feels worse, the one that left or the one that got left behind? And realized that Maybe the one that left is the one that got left behind. And the one that got left behind […]