Welcome back to hell

Sch only started yesterday and I felt like I have aged so much. My punishment for not completing my hols hw sent me into a mad rush and panic to complete everything in 1-2days. Well I succeeded somehow with my lack of sleep, breaking my resolution to sleep early in sch days in a single […]

I love going for trainings but i just get so drained afterwards i cant even study. HOW and WHERE to find the balance between bball and studies HELP! 2015 in 3 more days!!

Merry Christmas

Its christmas today but it just feel like any other day actually. It actually reminds me that 2015 is in 6 MORE DAYS!! I am kinda freaking out cos i just realised i have a lot of homework that are kinda due in week 1. Good job myself! Was sick the past week which made […]

Omg i feel like im wasting this holiday away by simply rotting at home ( i cant seem to sit myself down to study sigh) and going for training. Time seemed to be unbearably long when i dont feel like doing something and finally i decided i wanted to study woah i have training HAHA. […]