Merry Christmas

Its christmas today but it just feel like any other day actually. It actually reminds me that 2015 is in 6 MORE DAYS!! I am kinda freaking out cos i just realised i have a lot of homework that are kinda due in week 1. Good job myself! Was sick the past week which made me really uncomfortable to do anything. and i cant eat the bbq at shernice house which made me sad. i think my stomach is recovering which is good cos it mean i can eat good food now haha. will still avoid all those fried food for a while. tmr is njc match im excited and nervous cos i haven touched the ball for a week already holy. Hope it turn out well tmr please!! 🙂

Btw i think i shall keep a journal in 2015. im going to try really hard to write everyday haha. Succeeded this in the whole of 2013 but kinda gave up in 2014 so im going to start over in 2015 haha. All the slacking in 2014 nov and dec means i have to work harder in 2015. Its going to be shitty but its okay cos one year from now i will be enjoying my ass off. i already have so much things i wanna do. i hope i dont slack them away haha.

im so easily bored. maybe i should finish reading my books. 🙂 Im in need of so much motivation. sigh.


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