You Will Break Your Own Heart

Thought Catalog

Our hearts always seem most susceptible to breaking by the person we least suspect — especially when that person is us.

That’s what’s so dangerous about it — we’re mostly unaware. We run around protecting our hearts as though the idea that we’re closed off and solitary will do any good, without ever thinking that the one person who can wreak the most damage is in the building to begin with. Nobody goes around tossing them up the air, lobbing them at anyone and everyone and everything to see if they will stick — and yet everybody, at some point, gets hurt anyway.

Sure, we wear our hearts on our sleeves in the beginning. But fling your heart around carelessly once or twice and learn how easily it can bruise, how little it takes for something like a heart to shatter. You think it’s resilient. It’s a muscle, after all, and muscles are tough. But tough does not mean it’s…

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