4 Tips For Dealing With Anxiety

Thought Catalog


I can be an anxious person.

This is not unique, but it is a thing, and it’s something I always try stay on top of. And, pretty much, I do, but in the way a little kid on a boogie board stays on top of a wave. I’m sort of on top of it, but also sort of inside it, and every once in a while it’ll knock me down.

I could continue with this boogie board metaphor for the whole article- believe me, I could- but I decided to put this into tips and tricks.

Maybe they’ll help and maybe they won’t, but it’s worth a shot.

1. Remember That Anxiety Is In You, Not A Proven Fact Of The World

This is really tricky, but just because you feel a certain way — an unspecified tension in the air, a quickened pulse, whatever — doesn’t mean that…

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