Why I Switched To An Old School, Non Smart, Slide Phone

Thought Catalog

We all agree to an extent, that being connected by smartphones and technology sometimes to the level that we know what is happening at that very second in a person’s life or what color the lilies at someone’s wedding were or what is so-and-so dude eating at which restaurant or what kind of underwear she Snapchat me at 4 a.m. in the morning is more addictive than we all give it credit for. We want to scroll through our news feed on Facebook more than the actual news feed of events around the world, we want to read and write tweets more than writing a good, old-fashioned letter and want to take pictures to apply filter so we’re more popular online than creating real memories with real people.

The thought: I used to be one of those people smitten with the technology that smart phones were adapting. Everything at our…

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