Wake up me when September ends

yes sept is over so now its time to wake up for pw.

Did PW the whole day today. Kinda liked it maybe cos im used to it (yfc) it just felt so familiar. i spent a thousand more time on yfc than pw i swear and this is worrying because pw is a freaking A level subject sighpie. i was kinda worried cos i think my group is really slack. You wont be able to imagine. only the last few days when we were supposed to submit the final WR were the first few times we actually met up to do pw. the first time i felt us working “hard” on this pw. HAHA. Preparing OP was kinda fun cos we were filming videos and we had a lot of impromptu ideas which all turned out well and we took most videos with a single take ( i see potential in acting in us perhaps haha). went to the playground today and found out there was this 2 person swing (its like a round base seat with 2 metal chains to hold from each side). it was pretty fun. it had been so long since i last been on a swing so i looked like some fool getting so excited and smiling by myself the whole time HAHA. Theres this rock climbling wall also and im almost as tall as the wall so HAHA not really fun haha. and the main point the playground had sand!! probably the last few playgrounds with sand and swings. WTH to safe playgrounds when you remove all the fun stuffs. More OP prep tmr. Arghhh cant wait for PW to end. its just OP actually.

On a sidenote, i was glad i decided to go for training although i was seriously sleep deprived that i was sleeping in school after yfc op ytd before training. JL was in a damn good mood that i wished he remain that way forever. i will probably be able to join trainings on saturday only since my group will want to meet up alot for OP idk. its funny how i shudder a little everytime he says that there will be some new drill. so for ytd we did ladder (it has been ages) and hopping over stickes attached to cones. and the biggest joke of the day was when lls asked jl if he drilled holes into the cones i almost died laughing hahah JL literally laughed it off and shake his head. hahaha cant believed lls didnt know the cones had holes all along though she was a bball teacher than i have been a student in this school. actually training was considered slack considering past trainings. but the weirdest part was that i got muscle aches at weird parts on my body i srsly dk why.

Looking forward to vietnam trip. Need a getaway.


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