8 Simple Ways To Leave Your Mark On This World

Thought Catalog

arek_malang / (Shutterstock.com) arek_malang / (Shutterstock.com)

We don’t need to be famous to leave a mark on this world. Most of the time, we are unaware that we are constantly influencing people around us.

1) Enjoy life’s simplicity.

How many times do we feel like life is too complicated? The better question to ask is, how many times do we tend to complicate things? If we actually took the time to look outside our busy lives and relax, we would notice how simple and beautiful everything is. Take a nice stroll at the park. Hear the sound of the birds chirping. Lie on the beach and watch the sunrise or sunset. Smell the flowers. Feel the breeze. Laugh. Take the time out of each day to enjoy life’s simplicity.

2) Follow your passions.

Life is too short to be doing things that don’t make you happy, so why do something if…

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