15 Things We Forget To Be Grateful For

Thought Catalog


1. The moment we wake up in the morning.

That moment when you open your eyes and breathe in a new day — it in itself is a wonderful blessing to live and see the world another day.

2. The pale blue sky, the summer rays and deep blue ocean.

Nothing feels more ‘alive’ than sitting on the beach and just taking in everything around you — that fresh and liberating feeling of admiring Nature as Time gives you halted seconds of beauty.

3. The love, care and support from our parents.

Parents are our most crucial lifelines. They are there from kids until we grow old, and will never stop supporting us until we reach our dreams. You can call them a nagger, but they will always be your greatest source of strength.

4. The high school friends who were there throughout the years.

These guys remind you…

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