I dont wanna sleep tonight.

It’s 3.11 am right now. There’s school tmr. I just dont know why I dont feel like sleeping tonight. It’s not because of the scripts. Just listening to random kpop songs on youtube. There’s an ant on my screen now and i stared so hard at it that it really look so gross. Reasons why i hate HD pictures of insects eww. Okay thats so random but i cant really concentrate as that ant keep moving about. I think it’s lost. It just keep going back and forth now in a straight line. Okay im just going to leave it. The ant is still moving in a straight line. okay i will stop with the ant. This is just how bored i am right now but i just dont want to sleep. Everyone is probably sleeping now. Listening to Brave Guys sing Getting Further(just randomly clicking the links suggested by youtube). yall probably dont know who they are but they are all comedians in the gag concert if yall even know. the group is made up of shin bora and 3 other guys haha. okay main point: the song is nice. at least shin bora part hahah. but if im not wrong they will stop singing to focus on being a comedian. okay i shall list a random playlist of songs that i recommend ppl to listen as of now 3.28am. haha caution: the songs are based solely on my own preference at this instant which is likely to change by the time i sleep HAHA.

Ailee- I will show you

The Carpenter- Yesterday once more (one of my favourite oldies) //Top of the world ( i swear this song used to be damn popular)

Ailee cover’s- If I aint got you

Hebe- 魔鬼中的天使// ji mo ji mo jiu hao// ni hai shi yao xing fu ( just listen to all her songs esp the first album she just have this unique voice for singing sad songs idk how describe but she’s really good)

Jay Chou- An Jing ( i swear all his songs have similar styles haha if you do a mash up it will probably sound like one song)

Rainie Yang- Ai mei// dai wo zou//

JJ Lin- Ta Shuo

Guang Liang- Tong Hua

Sun Yan Zi-無限大 (all her songs are nice too cos she has this unique voice 🙂 by unique i mean if another person cover the song or sth they can do it the same. this song left the greatest impact from her kepler)

Okay I got bored again. I think Im back to chinese music. I feel more peaceful maybe cos chinese songs consists of more ballads and are more soothing for my ears which have been listening to kpop for the past 3 years endlessly. Although i would say my favourite genre is pop but i just get sick of it easily just like how quickly i get hooked onto it. Maybe it’s time to take a break. I need a break. From all the kpop shit too. Probably wont give up watching korean variety shows though cos they are like my laughing pills. Probably my next post would be ranting about my shitty results that im getting back in 4 hours but then again i might not post. I think Im going to die tmr.Physically i mean. There’s training tmr oh gosh. But im excited. It’s nice to train before jiaolian and the juniors actually come back for trainings.

Oh on a side note, i watched Cafe. Waiting. Love. today hehe (was being pressured to watch) but im glad that its a good movie. It literally make you laugh hard and cry hard. Yes my tears were flowing out like crazy towards the end. (i cry super easily when i watch a sad show nowadays i also dk why. i do have tears in case there are some people out where who thinks i dont have.) HAHA

It’s 3.58 am right now. That ant is gone. (idk where it went). Im still not tired. But i shall go sleep now for the sake of having the energy to train tmr.

Counting down: 4 hours to getting back my papers. Good luck everyone.

Good night. I dont really know what im typing for this post so if you read finish and go WTH, this please understand one do not simply remain sane at 4am.


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