Forever really?

I find it pretty scary that nothing lasts forever. I know Clara don’t believe in forevers but i still pretty much want to believe in forevers. The fact that everyone or anyone is so easily replaceable kinda scares me. Jessica was in snsd for 8 years. But she was so easily removed. King used to be this loud, center person in the team, but she is too so easily replaced (not literally) but replaced by time that I’m used to not seeing her anymore. Even when she used to be “always there”.  I don’t know if its just me but I realised i get used to things pretty quickly. It’s really pretty sad how things don’t last forever. But maybe cos things don’t lasts forever that made them all the more precious, and make people understand the meaning of “treasuring the moment”. Maybe phrases like “you live in the moment” are simply reminders that things don’t last. While they last, treasure them.

On a side note, we had 5 people for training today. Record breaking HAHA. Most no. of people from our year training today in 2014. I was telling weng how everything felt good with them coming back. With just us 3 the mood is usually more serious (infected by the seniors maybe?) but with them 2 the mood is just right. It’s fun and serious at the same time. Probably a day like today wont happen anymore.. But I truly enjoyed it while it lasted.

This team is also something i thought it would last forever, but maybe I’m just too naive on my part. At different points of time, people will have different priorities and some just leave when priorities changes. One thing that never changed over the years was that this team is still my first priority and will always be. At least for now, im certain. 


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