Being around people you love is the best energy pill :)

Today was a day well spent cos I got to spend time with people who I have previously neglected/have not met up/busy all in the same day. It felt like I travelled to 3 different time periods. First is back to primary sch seeing the people I used to hang out with and play with. That feeling of innocence; I think I’m losing it every time I go back. ZLS said we look like we are under a lot of stress. He’s not exactly wrong. That’s why sometimes I ask myself if I have gradually become more and more emo. It is damn obvious in sch. The year ones are usually the bubbly, lively one then gradually they appear more and more serious till that damn stressed face appears on every year 6 student. I just find it a pity that we are losing our smiles gradually…

Secondly, time spent with class, I won’t say it’s the best class or anything but at least I’m quite happy with my class? Time well spent with new class of the new year.

Third, time spent with the seniors. I really don’t know why but I just love them so much. Despite my sleep deprived state, I feel energetic when I’m around them. Seeing them laugh and being weird just makes me happy.  It’s just crazy. I just feel excited being around them. Ending off the day with Spending time with them today just made everything feel so complete.

After today its back to SH mugging life 😦 but first i need my sleep omg. sleep deprived max.


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