Why You Should Share The Positive, Not The Negative (Especially On Social Media)

This is so true. Maybe that’s why my blog is becoming less negative(?) haha idk

Thought Catalog

Not too long ago I was asked why I don’t write about sad things anymore. My answer is this:

I don’t think there’s a magical equation in life that ensures you eternal happiness. And I don’t necessarily think happiness is merely internal. I, do, however think there are steps you can actively take to fill your heart just a little bit further each and every night. One of those things, I believe, is being careful with what you choose to share with the world.

Social media is full of gruesome videos, inappropriate photos, hateful comments, and sorely biased articles. It’s full of racism, bullying, and negativity. And frankly, folks, I’m sick of it.

Have we all been guilty of complaining on social media? Of talking about how tired we are, how much we hate our jobs, how much we miss someone who hurt us? Well, of course. I’ll be the…

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