A Letter To My 11-Year-Old Self

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racorn / (Shutterstock.com) racorn / (Shutterstock.com)

As the school year begins and I am faced with the challenge of shaping the minds of 32 young, bright-faced 11-year-olds, I reflect back to what life was life for me as a 5th grader. Times have changed; they’ve memorized Instagram handles instead of phone numbers and know the names of the boys in One Direction instead of the ones in N’SYNC. But at the heart of it all, they’re still kids, just like we were.

Dear 5th-grade self:

I know that you might not think about these things now, and some of this may even sound a little bit foolish to you, but there are some very important things I must tell you about the way you see the world. Some things you may want to change, and some things you may want to hold onto for a very long time. Don’t let me…

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