This is perfect.

Every once in a while or so, i do question the reason why i have to study all the stuffs that i will probably never use at all in the future. But the teacher in the video just explained everything. Best video i have watched in a while. I just find it sad how education is being defined to us as a means to secure a good future. I wished they explained it to us like how the teacher did to her students. I will probably still question why i have to study in the future. But at least now, i will always know the reason why. 🙂

And yes i absolutely agree with the boy saying that we are all capable of happiness because how we defined happiness is different for everybody. Then the teacher said “i hope you continue thinking this way”. This sentence saddens me. Because we always had happiness in our life, but as we grew, our definitions of happiness changed, it may become more a materialistic kind, or a difficult to achieve kind. Either way, as we grow we tend to neglect the little happiness in our life and revolve our life in trying to achieve that “big happiness” (it can be getting a house, a car, getting in uni or just anything that is not very easy to achieve). As such, we start to feel that we are not happy. But in fact, the happiness has always been there but it is just that we chose to ignore them. It’s just how funny how we pursue happiness so much but at the same time neglect happiness in the pursuit. Humans are really ironic beings. Me being a human being, Im also guilty of taking for granted all the little happiness around me. I do try to be thankful for all the little things i have in my life. Because life is not about being perfect or having the most things. It is about living it to the fullest. I saw this quote somewhere before and it says “You only live once, but if you live it right, once is enough.” 


I’m especially grateful to all the people for existing in my life, particularly my family and the team, for making my life less dull than it used to. For making me feel so blessed all the time. Maybe that’s why Im always smiling. Maybe cos there’s no reason not to. 🙂 TGIF. 🙂


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