16 People Talk About Truths That No One Really Wants To Admit

Human nature basically summed up in this post.

Thought Catalog

image - Flickr / Ryan Vaarsi image – Flickr / Ryan Vaarsi

Producer’s note: Someone on Quora asked: What is an example of something true that nobody generally wants to admit? Here are some of the best answers that’s been pulled from the thread. Thank you to the team at Quora for making this happen!

1. Amit Banerjee

That most of us actually don’t know what to do with our lives. We are just figuring something out we have little idea about. And to some extent, pretending on the way.

2. Leekesh Baliyan

The biggest communication problem is we do not listen to understand.

We listen to reply.

3. Niket Chandane

People wanna see you doing well, but not better than them.

4. Srijan Maulick

I read this somewhere and it touched me deeply.

We always determine our self-worth by “comparing our behind-the-scenes bloopers to someone else’s highlight reel.”

And this is why we have issues…

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