Alive for the past week

The past week was good, me trying so hard to catch up with all my tutorials like finally. Trainings was nice too we just kinda decided our own training time as i noticed us going for training later and later. Dread the running the most but thanks weng for always making me run. I swear its your determination to improve your stamina that make me feel like i should run too! I like it how we are always training and you two esp for always scolding me and telling me how i should improve. Yes we will do this as we promised. We will be the seniors the juniors can rely on and look up too! So jess came back to training. and she made me realised that we are still not strong enough. i swear that jess is strong. im not sure of her newfound strength but i feel proud that she finally know how to use her strength which is bad for me cos her strength with that height and speed defending me is no joke. I had to banged her like 5 times in an attempt to get in but she fell oops. HAHAHA I just like this feeling of all of us working together. I also love the recent impromptu crash in with netball training haha. Maybe cos everything i play netball i feel like im playing for the much needed fun. 🙂 maybe if JL comes for training later then we can have some sort of weekly session with netball yay! okay probably not going to happen cos juniors coming back. which idk i still have so much to work on they are coming back too early. but i sorta miss them haha. 

X-RUN is in a week im soo X-cited!!! I really hope people will come up to tell us that they enjoyed the run! Thats the most important! If i hear that it will probably make everything worthwhile! 🙂 

LTA VIA ytd was sort of fun. Us singing with ppl staring. But its okay haha cos ppl will forget soon. 

sleeping patterns so weird nowaday. its either me sleeping at 7pm or like 3am and theres no in between but at least im not sleeping in lessons already #achievementunlockedatthehighestlevel

Need to study. Studying and sleep currently make up 90% of my life. more of sleep though hahaha.  

and i got in the OCIP! i swear it felt so unreal cos i thought i wont be selected but yay! cant believe im having one of the item off my bucketlist being ticked already. WOOHOO. This year i swear im really stepping up which made me so tired but so worth it. 🙂


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