17 Ways We Should Simplify Our Lives Again

Thought Catalog

Screen Shot 2014-07-18 at 2.41.07 PMGisela Giardino

Life is far more simplistic than we like to make it out to be. 

We complicate things because we aren’t comfortable with that simplicity. Most things we compulsively distract and consume and engage with are methods of deflection. They aren’t necessary, but we aren’t going to give them up until there’s something else to fill that void.

1. Take a radically survivalistic approach to “want” vs. “need.”

2. End the subconscious multitasking. Close the tabs, turn off the music, put the phone on airplane mode, walk without headphones. Delineate one or two tasks for a day.

3. Write things down by hand: grocery lists, journal entries, notes to friends, letters to lovers. Buy the print copy. Make phone calls. Technology is not always synonymous with simplicity, but mindfulness is.

4. Be completely, sincerely, unprecedentedly honest. The fewer storylines you have to memorize, the clearer your mind can be, and the…

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