I see hope in every “Like”

I see more hope in our run now after sugarrandspice post HAHA blog views just literally shot up and you have no idea how happy i feel. the no. of likes represents the no. of people who saw the post= potential participants. But i dont see any increase in the no. of ppl sign up yet.. maybe i should wait a little longer.. its just how weird i like yfc cos its seriously the only “hand-on” activity in my boring school life. you come tgt in a team. you brainstorm. you make ideas work. you source for ways. you approach people. you learn how to deal with adults. i guess what i possibly learn during yfc is a million times useful than the econs graphs or chemical bond structure. this run has to be a success. there is just no room for failure. probably when it ends i will have to go back to studying. sighpie. i love my teammates bye.


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