Disappointment is like a wave, it sometimes just get too strong and wash you away

today was horrible esp in the morning where we received all our results and my maths really greatly disappoints me.. like i was genuinely upset about my math results. it was a subject i studied and excelled in so i though maybe i can look forward to the score. but i definitely scored much worse than most ppl in the cohort esp knowing that i scored worse than many of my friends who didnt really study made me sadder. I think im going to fail case study seeing how i failed my case study and i dont think my essay marks can save my overall marks.. I dont know why i just feel really shitty when my marks are always such a disappointment. I mean if i didnt study for them then i know i kinda have no right to complain but this time i studied… ARGH. i see no hope in chem too maybe bio idk. maybe i should just be offloaded and sent off to study.

training and friendly match was great we won the seniors by some 30 points i guess this is why trainings make a difference. went to eat dinner with them. im so tired.

just done with the budget thing. good night


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