The King is back!

Im sorry if alot of yall are shocked by my previous post but oh well just forget that kay! and i didnt mean for my wordpress to be circulated oh well. so hi there if you are reading this which i guess will the people who im going to talk about hahah.

So…. I had a great time today! Like really great! when there is eight of us somehow i always feel more cheerful. its like how this team has this amazing ability to transform all my negativity into positivity. Cheem right hahahah. When i first saw her, i wasnt like OMG YOU ARE BACK that type i mean im never the expressive type hahaha i kinda hate that sometimes i wish i could be like jess and just go straight to the person and hug them and tell them how much i miss them. She looked the same just whiter and had rosier cheeks AND AND SHE BECAME SO BUFF!! I cant get over that hahahaha so i kept poking her arm HAHAHA then i was thinking maybe she will have an accent but eh she didnt have so i didnt get to hear NZ accent. SAD. HAHAHA okay so we kinda talked for a while and the first thing aless said to king is “WALAO YOU DIDNT BRING ICE CREAM BACK! I REMINDED YOU LIKE 5 TIMES! 5 TIMES!” You have no idea how amused i was hahaha. anyways aless and king is back to their forever joking with each other self and idk everything just felt so normal. Its not that im not thrilled. But when i saw her it felt to normal as if she never left that feeling. Its like this half year have been non-existent and she has always been here. so we played ball 4-on-4 among ourselves first and we were so excited screaming and whats not. hahaha it was quite a sight but who cares! hahah we were all actually panting from playing 5 minutes! omg so joke HAHAHA . its like through this four on four i was kinda reminded of how much we wanted to play among ourselves so much last time. and it was this joy that keep me in bball. we were playing a sport that bring us, 8 different individuals with differing personality, together by what we call a team. People i call teammates. its like this feeling is lost and i found it back again. back to our year 2 days. i think we were probably the happiest then. when everyone was still there…

then we played with the guys the hundred points game and obv we lost then we won we were so excited then we lost again HAHAHA. Winning does not last forever ESPECIALLY when its with the guys hahahahaha! then we had dinner then we went home. realised that she going to uni next year wts haha while we are in like what still stuck in JC hahah. at least she is doing what she want and honestly i heard its really easier to get in medicine like overseas so im pretty envious cos im probably going to apply for medicine in sg and easy is not even in the dictionary. 😦 Lets just hope the best for two of us. Maybe we might meet as colleagues one day hahah. okay im really tired now and tmr theres like a real friendly i really no stamina to last. really need my sleep bye…


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