I Used To Be A “Nice Guy,” But Now I Know The Way Out

Thought Catalog


I know you. I’ve been you. I know how it hurts to like someone and just watch her pursue jerks. I know how it hurts to take rejection after rejection. I know it, because I’ve walked many miles in your shoes.

And I know the way out.

Make something of yourself. Not because you want to win that one girl you pine for. But because you want to show the world, that you deserve better. It’s really that simple.

I did. I was that kid, all through high school and university. I didn’t kiss a girl till I was 17. I didn’t get a girlfriend until 23. I was that guy. But, even in the depths of my despair, I chose to believe two things:

I deserved better.

I could do better by working hard.

And thus I set out to make something of myself. I earned a degree…

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