Can I put my brain for sale?

Maybe if I’m brainless then I wouldn’t need to study anymore.. This is almost the first time that I kinda given up completely for a common test. I feel guilty but at the same time relaxed as if my JCTs ended. It’s always easier to give up…

Officially envious of those who had ended their cts and have nothing to do. With the 4 days break. While I’m giving up on chem right now. Barely studying cos I will fail anyways. Studying to feel less guilty when I get back the results sigh 😦

After cts there’s training there’s king coming back soon and I’m really excited for a team outing soon! Been half a year and zero team outings while it used to be one outing per holiday.. Sigh maybe when she’s back the team will slowly piece up again. Believe.


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