Why Every Woman Should Strive To Be A Bad Bitch

Thought Catalog


Our generation is obsessed with progression. We spend inordinate amounts of our time driving to improve the society that we inhabit, and, in this progress, we see tangible cultural changes that occur as often as those in Kim K’s weave. Perhaps most significant is the progress seen in our language—not necessarily the words we say, but the connotations attached to them. Most notable in recent months has been the campaign calling for an end to the use of the word “bossy.”

Understandably, the word is seen as an implication of a double standard between the genders. When men possess the qualities synonymous with the term, they are seen as powerful and assertive. As a result of centuries of reinforcement, women who wield the same power are merely domineering; “bossy” women are, more often than not, females who possess historically male traits and the result is a pejoratively phrased reversal…

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