What If We Could Choose What We Look Like

Thought Catalog


The grass is always greener on the other side. In a world of mirrors, where we see ourselves all the time, it’s hard to stop wishing. “A smaller nose”, we think, meandering through life; “less freckles”, “straighter toes”.

So what would happen if one day, we could suddenly change our appearance? The answer sounds pretty obvious – the world would be floating up to its neck with sublime specimens of humanity. We would all be ‘The Beautiful People’. But we would also all be clones. I mean imagine the amount of dudes that would just say, “I’ll Look like Johnny Depp”. And then there would be this army of clones walking about. Guys would step into a classroom the day after this shape-shifting would be scientifically possible. “Is that you, Fred?” A guy would say, “yeah,” his weary companion would reply. To which the first would sigh awkwardly and say…

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