That’s why~yy I smile

Been hooked to Avril Lavigne recently cos her songs are great 🙂 I don’t know why I like what the hell the most haha maybe it’s the lyrics. “All my life I’ve been good// But now, woah I’m thinking what the hell// All I want is to mess around// woah I don’t really care about” HAHA recently maybe earlier than recently I’ve been feeling kinda trapped in a “good girl” image and feeling rebellious like all teenagers do I wanna break from that image for a day and do all the crazy stuffs haha. I told my mum that she should be glad cos I’m so busy/tired from school that I have no time/too lazy to be rebellious haha. Being rebellious is tiring and besides what can I do after rebelling? 😂 nah I don’t need my parents to nag at me even more than they usually do haha 😂😂

Hahah I’m kinda excited that the X-Run is like in less than 2 months and omg the Nibong station is opening on 29 June yay just in time for our run!! Three cheers for the LTA ppl or whoever who decided on that date 🙂 we really need more sponsors right now 😦 and I’m currently more in the yfc than studying mood sianz. Maybe the mock test Tmr can wake me up to study my hardest in the last week. Econs is actually quite fun except macroeconomy idk what the hell the notes is saying please come out less 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 the rest seem okay but it’s just dk whether I will score hahahah! Well for Bio I will probably fail really bad considering how I haven really start and chem totally haven start 😂😂😂 hahah maybe I will be offloaded hahah oh shit. At most no bball only hahah but erm I still don’t want to be offloaded! 😦

Shall study more Econs tonight so I won’t do too badly for the mock test even though that’s not graded hahah 🙂 I need some food now bye.

Btw to the person who is supposed to eat buffet with me, where has our buffet date gone to? 😞😡😩 hahah okay bye


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