just another day

I just saw wengs blog then i suddenly felt guilty. Guilty for not doing enough. Guilty for not stepping up. Guilty for being laid back. Now she’s sick. Since the start of the year, i have always felt that im going to fall sick soon getting by with those 4 hours sleep a day but somehow i didnt. but my concentration hit the rock bottom and im always sleeping in lectures cos i was too tired. i lagged behind in all the lessons. and i failed all my tests. and yfc was only bearable/ enjoyable cos of the people. mr leo was right. if you do yfc you need to be passionate about it if not when things get tough you are going to feel really dry doing the project. but he forgot one thing. the people you doing with is also very important. for me its the people that gets me by. that even sending emails to sponsors can also be high today haha. hanyi sleeping on the couch. us eating pizza for lunch. them laughing at my typography. its all the little details that makes the difference haha. and recently i get really drained everytime i go out. okay im tired alr. good night. and its only 9.12pm haha


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