June hols is here. What hols?

Realised that it’s been long since I posted something. Okay just that it feel long haha. It’s nice that I’m getting my 9-15 hours long of sleep everyday. But it’s bad that I’m procrastinating too much. Everyone is like busy with something or studying. I wished I had yifeng hardworking genes and maybe Olivia brain or sth haha. I’m like the free-est of them all but also the most unproductive. I want to go out. But parents complaining why I keep going out like wtf they didn’t see me at home for the past 6 days issit. And I wanna make my own food they don’t allow. When Kor Kor want to he can make 3 boxful of food wtf life freaking unfair sia. Mine won’t even take up space.

On a good note went training today haha we team talked saying our expectations and stuffs and Mavis said she was accepted to hwa Chong bball second trial… I secretly hope she doesn’t get in cos being selfish this team needs her more than them. But I can’t stop her yeah cos after all they are the champion team leh, being tired of losing and all the other factors combined, maybe hwa Chong can help her achieve her bball dreams. I mean the decision is hers. Just hope that we are enough the reason to make her stay and we really need to achieve something together. And if we dont, it only mean that we didn’t train hard enough and that we didn’t want it bad enough.



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