I’m like a drug addict. 

Yes i feel like one. i have no motivation and a single eom is taking days to complete cos i spent like 10 hours watching youtube and 1 hour on eom then sleep then wake up. at this rate i would need an extension on top of the current extension. 

No matter how hard to tried to keep myself away from it. Yes IM OFFICIAL ADDICTED TO YOUTUBE like some drug addict and youtube is my drug. Its this drug that is ruining my hols and messing up my life. I promised myself the first week to organise my life. and half a week past and i feel like im in the same state. Fuck. I just cant seem to pull myself away from all the social media shit. They are some sucka, sucking my time and life away. Okay idk if this is an impulse decision but I SHALL DELETE MY INSTAGRAM YAY. right now. like what weng did. brb. yay deleted. what should i delete too? hmm maybe facebook? okay deleted. should i like block youtube somehow? okay nvm i shall leave it alone for now. but by end of week if i feel like i cant control. then BYE YOUTUBE. i wanna delete whatsapp too. but then ppl cant contact me then. wtf so burdensome. ahh… 

I NEED SOME MOTIVATION. End of rant. should go back to EoM. Bye.


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