Fuck this shit

Omg ignore the title but that just sums up what I’m feeling now argh… I’m so sick of studying seriously. Whatever I’m doing now I have to persist until end of next year. Cos according to society this is what I must do in order to succeed, in order to live a comfortable life next […]

That’s why~yy I smile

Been hooked to Avril Lavigne recently cos her songs are great 🙂 I don’t know why I like what the hell the most haha maybe it’s the lyrics. “All my life I’ve been good// But now, woah I’m thinking what the hell// All I want is to mess around// woah I don’t really care about” […]

just another day

I just saw wengs blog then i suddenly felt guilty. Guilty for not doing enough. Guilty for not stepping up. Guilty for being laid back. Now she’s sick. Since the start of the year, i have always felt that im going to fall sick soon getting by with those 4 hours sleep a day but […]