The Grand Finale

Today was the so called handover match (according to jiaolian😂)where the next batch of A’div will play against this batch of graduating year 6s. We lost hahah but I was really really happy to see them play without stress, play with laughter and enjoyment which I haven seen in a long time since the season! 🙂 it’s really heartwarming to see them play like this but at the same time I feel really mixed inside.. It’s like at before the start then we were sitting back at our original column the one we used to sit for the past 4 years. There is a distance between us. The same distance we couldn’t bridge for the past 4 years. It felt like we were strangers again. I felt sad. I missed it. The us just 2 weeks ago. Just those times. It’s just. So. Different. When we played on court together, even though different teams it was “we”. Now it’s “us” and “them” today. Sooo sad. But omg at the end of the match, I hugged everyone. Each and everyone. Woah that felt really good. Jasmine hugged me the hardest and said something I forgot haha. Then yupp it just ended. Jiaolian gave them a pencil case each with their name on it haha so cool and nice 🙂

Wonder about next year. Will we get the same priviledge? Hahah not really any privileges but just sort of I still kinda want jiaolian recognition. As in not attention seeking that type. But just to acknowledge we three that we really put in our best for bball and that we are committed players. We might not be the best. But at least we are willing to work hard. That’s what I wanted jiaolian to see. He kinda acknowledge that this year, and that to me is good enough. And I also learnt a new side of him this year, that caring, passionate, wanting to win for us side.

I didn’t play well today obviously. But this is just the beginning. The journey to improvement and being a better player than I am this year is just beginning.
But sigh have to run 15 rounds cos we lost. I dk who set that rule haha. I’m going to finish running although I dk how long that will take haha. My stamina is really bad now no joke.

On a side note, playing with the juniors really less stressful. I hope we can really play stress free next year. We need to stop losing to stress from ourselves. I hope our year will be able to push the juniors to improve further. Just like how the seniors did for us.

Thanks seniors. It’s really the end of A’div 14. Will miss you guys. Jiayous for a level. It’s time to move on to A’div 15.


Another chapter has ended. Time to move on to the new chapter, a new beginning.


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