Stop procrastinating

This is not very good. I have been failing all my tests consistently and I don’t even want to talk about it. If I wanted I could have blamed the world blamed the season blamed that I have no time but ultimately I can’t deny it’s still my own fault.. My laziness.. Not that I didn’t study; In fact I studied for all the tests. Maybe this is just a sign that it’s just not enough, I’m not studying hard enough which is true cos I procrastinate away all my time. I wanted to say I can’t help it but no I’m telling myself no more excuses. I have been giving myself too much excuses. But I really can’t seem to study at home… I always end up sleeping or using my phone or stoning. I don’t know how to help myself. Like right now I should have started on chem like 2 hours ago but until now I haven started. I have been using my phone and procrastinating. Hence this post to sort my myself out. I’m kinda writing to myself. FUCKING STOP PROCRASTINATING. AINT NO GOT TIME FOR THAT! Okay gonna follow Clara’s way and list down what I have got to finish.

1. Energetics tutorial (revise the topic first then do the tutorial)

Shall sleep at 1 since I slept just now alr. Bang bye.

Was trying to search for study motivation online then I saw this. Okay shall end off with that.



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