You taught me how it is to love blindly.

20140518-012234.jpgWell, I don’t know what came over me but I just felt parents have been underrated all the time. We all have moments when we think our parents are a pain in the neck or maybe wished that they will stop nagging. But if you think about it, it has always been for our own good, however subjective. So first, let me ask you a question:

When’s the last time you said “I love you” to them?

Okay, maybe saying I love you may come across too mushy. But I feel that we are all becoming more self-centered in a way that we place ourselves above them. Don’t think you are guilty of that?

1. Asking your parents to drive you home just because you feel lazy.

2. Making your parents do all the housework; your housework such as washing your own bowls after dinner.

3. Ordering your parents to do stuffs for you.

The list goes on and maybe these are too extreme but you get my point, yeah?

They are so fucking underrated. When we were young, okay how about before we were born, they have already started taking good care of us. Getting us the best food, clothes and whatever that would make us happy. As we utter our first words and walked our first step in our lives, they were always there for us. Their lives revolved ours after we were born. It was so unfair for them. As a kid, we would stick so much to our parents because they were the only ones we know will protect us from any harm. We love following them around, going out with them all the time. When I was still a young kid, I remember some adult telling my mum that once kids grow up they will stop following you around and rather stay at home. I couldn’t understand why she said that and I told my mum i wont be like that and still follow her out. HA! Now that i became a teenager, i would honestly rather stay at home then to go out. They wont force me but i can tell that they are kinda sad. As we grow up, we meet new people and make new friends. These new friends then become the center of our lives as we spent the most times with these people. Probably cos of the similar age that we feel that we could relate to each other better and this was the age when we start to get a littlemore rebellious, coupled with the new found freedom, we start to spent more time outside than we do at home. Slowly, the house just becomes a place where you go home and sleep.

I have been too self centered for so long, only thinking of myself. Giving myself all sorts of excuses that I am busy with homeworks/exams and CCAs so i have no time to go out with my parents. When there is something new/good, the first people that we want to share the news with is our friends. However, when you think about it, our parents always shares the best/newest things with us, not with their friends first. Then, is it unfilial of us to actually be taking them for granted. If you were to put yourself in their shoes, would be be so willing to share or even give the whole portion of yourfavourite food to your parents? When the newest model of phone comes out, would you be willing to purchase it for your parents, not yourself? Would you be willing to spend all your money buying your parents something that would make them happy? Most of us would be unwilling. But yet these are things our parents will do for us. I dont know why or how their love can be so sacrificial. For mums that become housewives, if you think about it, they have pretty much no friends. ALL BECAUSE OF US. They can give up their jobs for us. Essentially our parents main jobs after we were born is to raise us up to be the most successful person we can be. There was this video circulating about recently named “the hardest job in the world”. The interviewer told the interviewees that the jobs requires them to stand almost all day and for nearly 24 hours a day, but yet they would be paid almost nothing. When you first watch the video, you must be thinking, this is ridiculous! But when you realised the job is none other than being a mother, you realised how grantedwe have been taking our mothers for. No one else will love you the way your mothers and even fathers did. When’s the last time you have talked to them? Im surprised by my friend when he said he haven been talking to his parents and he doesnt tell them stuffs. Reason? They wouldnt understand. BUT HOW THE HELL WOULD THEM UNDERSTAND IF YOU DONT TALK TO THEM? One thing that imreally proud of is that i talk to my parents all the time. I shared with them about my school, about almost everything. Although they always complain that Im really noisy, Im proud to say I talk to my parents. They know whats going on in my life at least. Even though sometimes they dont really support certain stuffs that I do, they eventually accept it and even be the people who fight the hardest to protect what I want to do. Im just so grateful for that.

I’m not the best daughter and might never be. But still, thanks for always being there for me. Although sometimes i cannot agree with all your opinions or ways that yall do stuffs, but nevertheless, I love you very very much.

We always forgets that there’s always someone waiting for us at home, ever eager to scold us to wake us up from our mistake, ever eager to shower us with all the love that they possibly could, ever eager to love the way we are, to accept just who we.

Btw, the link for that video i mentioned above is

Also, go listen to Dear Mom by SNSD. the lyrics are just so apt.


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