We will look back this journey one day and glad that we made the right decision

We played our last match today. We lost by a narrow margin of 4 points. fuck. I mean this isn’t a game we should be losing. We should have won. So many should haves. I don’t know but when the match ended I can’t believe it cos this isn’t the way we end our season. This is just not right. A lot people was crying as expected. And even jiaying cried. Jamie cried really badly for really long. I didn’t know what to do. I always feel helpless at times like this. I felt really sad. I was expecting a win, and be happy after the match then have a good dinner and end off this season beautifully. So we went school to bathe then go Jamie condo. Where the seniors actually studied I was like 😂😂😂 so fast return to the books. So anyways jiaolian made us go one by one to say something about this season. Everyone said a lot I guess but the common words were like this batch very bonded, brotherhood, thanks jiaolian for all the chance to play, for his dedication, lls dedication and mr Wong for trying his hardest and his weekly attitude issue, sorry that we failed to go top 4 etc. My heart was so heavy hearing all these words. Many cried while saying their speech. For me I just thanked the seniors for being a good role model, jiaolian for his effort, lls and mr Wong for their dedication etc. I don’t know why but I cried for the first time in my whole bball history. Hearing all of them speak, feeling their emotions of sadness, regret, gratitude, everything is just so touching. I wasn’t expecting this when I joined a div. this past 5 months have been the most enriching part of my bball journey, to really feel the game and go all out. To look forward to trainings, to love these seniors, to train hard but feel happy afterwards, somehow the seniors help me improve a lot as a person and a player and I’m really grateful for that. It’s so crazy how we wasted the past four years! Now is the time for us to detach as juniors and be the seniors, to guide the juniors. To be their role model just like how these seniors were mine. I never knew I could feel so strongly for them. But life is often unpredictable. All I can say thanks for everything that happened. I never knew what can happen without you guys. And most importantly to my two other teammates thanks for always being there for me. This combination is one that we didn’t expect for sure I’m so proud of us going through these tough times together and becoming more bonded. I love you guys I’m sure you guys know that. ❤️

This season has come to an end today. The best season of my life. ❤️❤️❤️

some people say that the best part of a game is the results. For me, it is the people and process that made me the person I am now. Feeling grateful and blessed.


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