Can you Laugh And Rage At the same time?

So I have finally told you about this wordpress after playing much hide and seek hahah.

Read your most recent post and you made me feel like typing a post in response to yours. Hahah it’s very late now and I should have been sleeping now cos I have got match Tmr but I feel like I need to say this haha. Can you remember how we always talk about those 大道理 about life and one of them includes what we do to protect ourselves from potential hurts. I remember telling you that mine was probably remaining neutral about most thing, to not get involve in stuffs that don’t concern me which is what you are trying to do now; detach yourself emotionally from most thing. It’s like a prevention thing. This used to be me last time I probably don’t know or don’t care about most things in life haha. Idk why but I started to feel more strongly for things after I came to senior high. While you are the opposite haha. Are we doing a role reversal haha? Anyways you said a classmate said sth like hiding one’s feeling and showing another feeling is one’s way of protecting yourself. What I’m going to say next may surprise you. Okay maybe not I think we discussed this a million times. I’m one of those. Not in a bad and Probably not to you but maybe to others. As in not the hate one person then still be nice to that person. But I can entirely hide my feelings and show another feeling. Like if I’m really sad people probably can’t tell. Cos I will still smile and stuffs. I just can’t help that smiling face btw haha. But I can’t help that. Maybe cos I’m too used to not showing my feelings or maybe issit cos I think people won’t care anyways. I mean what else can they say besides “eh you okay or not? Don’t be sad leh. Cheer up leh”. Partly also cos if I’m sad I’m probably the only one that can cheer myself up. Hahah but that’s when it’s nice to have a friend like you who I can just rant about stuffs to without feeling judged, without having to think much before saying stuffs hahah thanks so much for being the one I can trust hehe I’m sorry though that I sometimes affects your views on stuffs haha. Oops haha. Anyway see I side track again that’s why I don’t ever score for GP cos too narrative. Okay back to topic, as in I think all people do hides their feelings like there’s many reasons to that like you don’t people to worry etc so yeah. About the part of protecting oneself probably just meant you don’t want another person to read through you so easily so the person can’t harm you. Aiya Idk how explain hope you infer yourself like you usually do hahah when I can’t express myself. Anyways yeah I agree that humans are all hypocritical beings partly cos their emotions conflicts. I always believe there’s this good and bad side of everyone. Whether a person is good or not mostly just depends whether the person choose to 投靠 which side. No one is perfect. That’s what make all us unique. Cos to err is human. Hahah. Anyways maybe cos you too 老实 already haha so you feel frustrated about people being double faced (this term is used correctly right)? Okay Idc. Haha. Idk maybe I’m the more positive kind also so I don’t really care about most stuffs cos I feel happier in life? Hahah but somehow I have this mind that can observes stuffs subconsciously about ppl that I can’t ignore. I wonder if this is good or bad. But sorry for affecting you with all my observations about people hahah. Somehow I like it that we are similar in different way.

On a side note I’m freaking excited to go out in Friday like it has been a long time since we go out tgt yay. Jiayous for chem test Tmr cos I’m probably flunking it cos I only studied eqm hahah oh well. Too lazy for my own good.

Btw this post came about cos I just feel like writing about this topic after reading your post and since you already know my URL so it’s kinda for you if not it’s probably going be phrased somewhat more anonymously haha. 🙂

not showing doesn’t mean not caring. It’s just not showing that you care.


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