Some ends are precious than the others.

So today was the last officially training. Felt so empty going home alone 😦 I keep thinking about those training times and I swear I’m tearing up already. Today was a rather happy training where we just play five-on-five then we just swap all of positions haha. Then everyone just hang around to take pictures/selfies. Can’t believe its the last training. It’s going to be so different. If only we had 1 more year. How about the lost 4 years that we wasted? I’m so glad that we still have a match on Monday sianz why that match not on wed then we could have another training..

Haha then I met Clara at serangoon cos she took bus and I took train and we reached the same time hahah.

It’s going to be books, books and more books from now on 😦 though I still have like another year with the juniors but it’s going to be so different. I’ve got to play well next year to show juniors so that they can be proud of a senior like me just like how I was proud of mine.

All beginnings come to an end. Ours was a beautiful one.


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