-just plain messy-

My life is in a mess.

That’s what weng would say to us all the time now. And we would always jokingly reply that “we can see that” etc. Guess what. My life is in a mess too. 😩

Let’s just start from studies. I’m lagging behind 2-3 topics per subject and I’m haven’t been doing my tutorials for those subjects so essentially all my tutorials are kinda wasted. Told myself that I have got the June holidays to catch up but realized that I would probably be very busy during those days. How? I don’t get shit for most subjects but miraculously I could always understand it somehow when I study for those tests every few weeks. Grateful for those tests even though i get kinda stressed out by it. Don’t like it when people boost so often that they have all sorts of tuitions. I’m probably just 😩😩😩 ignore me haha.

Bball season is ending soon so I will probably have more time for my studies. And more SLEEP. Awesome I need sleep so much. And I’m officially wasting away all my Fridays. Not very good cos of opportunity costs. Hahha see what Econs does to me. Okay I have to study for chem test on Monday and guess what I haven started. Good job. 😣

Anyways went to watch the guys match today and they lost to HCI. Such a pity though. They were doing fine at the start. I think the loss of this match probably signify the end of their season. πŸ˜” weng cried at the end of the match cos she felt so sad for them.
And I learnt that raffles beat nanyang so actually if we had won njc we would have been in semis. KNS. But oh well it’s too late to say anything.

I don’t exactly support the idea of 把θ‡ͺε·±ηš„η”Ÿε‘½ζ‰˜η»™ε¦δΈ€δΈͺδΊΊ psychologically. I don’t mean about love/marriage. I meant religion. No offense. But I feel that it’s nice that you can have someone to thank all the time. It’s nice to be thankful for everything you have. We have always been taking for granted for every single thing that we owns. Thank you to whoever that has made my life a better in any way. Too many to thanks but they are all in my heart. Sound cheesy haha.

Back to topic, my life is in a mess. I need to plan something out. Can’t be wasting my life away. Bye time to make a plan and do something. Great weekend to everyone. Next week will be a better week. 😊😊😊


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