It’s all about the mind: 态度

It’s bio lecture now I know I should be listening but I brought the wrong notes so yup I’m typing a post now.

Suddenly felt like writing a post after reading cady message on the whatsapp group. Yeah what she said is true and probably what most people would agree to but somehow deny this fact. Even ming shun said before, it’s our school culture to under 重视 centers. Drills during trainings are often pg/forwards based not centers. Although you might argue that that makes us a better player in a way we are more all rounder cos we do all the positions stuffs but I feel that we are not being 重视 i mean like what cady said we are expected to just take rebounds and screen but we are kinda never the first choice for offense options. It’s like we are the behind the scene ppl we get the ball for the pg/forwards then they get the glory of scoring. Well it’s true that they would be better in ball handling and I’m not saying that it would be better to pass to me cos I might be good enough to offense under the basket. I mean it’s just different. I used to think centers was the toughest (I mean pg is ofc)but I’m just going to talk in my own position pov haha. Cos when we offense three ppl will try to trap you to block you you pg and forwards won’t understand how scary it is. It’s like 3 ppl waiting to 夹你 and bring you down its one on three not one on one please. I know I’m rather weak for my position so that’s why I won’t ask for the pg and forwards to pass me the balls too much. This is what I just felt for my other teammates of the same positions. Like cady kinda just said out whatever I kinda thought last time hence this post to kinda say out my thoughts hahah.

We have a match later and honestly Idk if we will win. I know I am not supposed to uncertain but I just can’t help it. Who knows if I will play anyways. But that’s not the point cos this team has taught me that I can be useful in other ways even if I m not playing for example cheering for them. This is my aim today to cheer for them today. Okay wait it is cheer for us cos we are a team yeah. I’m grateful for this team for really teaching me so much on and off court I just can’t describe it. Legggooooo! Attitude on 3!

This is the quote that we ended our yfc presentation with but I find it really applicable and I want to tell that seniors who always doubt themselves while playing is that

Do you know what is the best part of the game is?

So just play your best today there will be someone on the bench cheering for you guys. Remember like what one of you said before. When you are on court you are not just playing for yourself but also for the 7 other people on the bench so yup believe in yourself Kay! Love you all Jiayous! 🙂 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


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