Choices? It’s all about yourself.

Still feel weird having a wordpress haha.

Been thinking recently that if I’m too afraid of the world judging me or what but I don’t really like people reading what I write haha. It just feels weird you know. I finally found your blog and I know you will probably find this WordPress soon (maybe I might give in and give you the URL). I hope you know you are the one I’m talking about hahah. Back to topic, It’s rather ironic cos I always thought I don’t care about how other think about me (as in those superficial stuffs like the way I dress etc). I always believed that unless my actions are going to hurt/affect someone, then why should you have a say over me? A lot ppl think I’m neutral about everything. Actually no I’m not. It’s a matter of choice you know. If the matter doesn’t really need my stand, then I shall remain neutral. I mean it’s quite weird to take a stand when two ppl quarrel especially if the argument really only involve that two ppl. But then again, maybe cos I just don’t want involve myself haha. Isn’t it tiring to involve yourself in other ppl stuffs all the time? Why give yourself that additional burden? I have a friend like that; she feels troubled over a lot stuffs. I asked her why and she said she had a lot stuffs to worry about. So my advice was why give yourself all that unnecessary stress for other people problems? Okay maybe people will say “no, you don’t understand” or feel that they have “no choice”. BUT IF YOU REALLY SEARCH YOURSELF CAREFULLY, issit really cos you have no choice? Or is the ” no choice” actually a resultant of a choice itself? To all the constantly worried people out there, maybe try being selfish for a day and forget about everyone and stop worrying for others. Live for yourself. I read a quote from Instagram, it goes something like that: “LIFE IS ABOUT CHOICES. IF YOU ARE NOT HAPPY ABOUT YOUR LIFE, CHANGE THE CHOICES YOU MAKE. ”

Okay enough said for today. Time to study for math test Tmr 😂😂


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