Kinda realized I didn’t post the other 2 pic I drew so haha. Was planning to organize my life in the first week then I realized I have to do eom which I will probably ask for an extension cos I’m out for both days of weekends and I don’t think i can finish in […]

Random Stuffs

“Look, If you had, one shot, or one opportunity, To seize everything you ever wanted In one moment Would you capture it, or just let it slip?” – Eminem Finally it was the last week or rather last day of school hurrayyy even that only mean more studying and more time to be spent on […]

The Grand Finale

Today was the so called handover match (according to jiaolian😂)where the next batch of A’div will play against this batch of graduating year 6s. We lost hahah but I was really really happy to see them play without stress, play with laughter and enjoyment which I haven seen in a long time since the season! […]

Stop procrastinating

This is not very good. I have been failing all my tests consistently and I don’t even want to talk about it. If I wanted I could have blamed the world blamed the season blamed that I have no time but ultimately I can’t deny it’s still my own fault.. My laziness.. Not that I […]