Welcome back to hell

Sch only started yesterday and I felt like I have aged so much. My punishment for not completing my hols hw sent me into a mad rush and panic to complete everything in 1-2days. Well I succeeded somehow with my lack of sleep, breaking my resolution to sleep early in sch days in a single day. πŸ˜‚πŸ”« Honestly there was no thrill I feel on the first day of sch, just felt like I am back to sch after a week of hols (considering I go sch 3 times a week for training, school is just too familiar even in the hols). Still have some essays to be completed by next week but it’s okay at least i can breathe now cos it’s orientation for the next 3 days! I realised despite the mad rush to complete all my hw since last week, I have read 2 books! (Idk where I found time for that) πŸ˜‚ anyways both books were kinda similar in the sense that one was in the form of letter writing while the other one was purely conversations between the characters throughout the whole book. (Btw they are the perks of being a wallflower and love, Rosie) anyways I found both books really nice except I was a little confused with TPOBAW cos idk what mental illness he was suffering from and his relationship with his aunt Helen etc. love, Rosie on the other hand was just really nice, idk how describe but it’s basically this Rosie girl and Alex guy who were best friends since 5 years old. They missed many chances of getting together and had their own separate lives for so many years while still being there for each other all the time. There are a lot ε‘½θΏδ½œεΌ„δ»–δ»¬ moments but the book eventually ends off with them realizing their love for each other and pursuing it (they were 50 years old by that time). Anyways it’s a nice book haha. I think I’m addicted to reading again. Probably going to read a new book soon!

On a side note, the juniors are finally in SH which makes us the oldest in sch omg! Honestly it feels a little weird not seeing the seniors in sch anymore! Breakout today was epic HAHA! Btw, I hope orientation will be fun Tmr! πŸ™‚


I love going for trainings but i just get so drained afterwards i cant even study. HOW and WHERE to find the balance between bball and studies HELP! 2015 in 3 more days!!

Merry Christmas

Its christmas today but it just feel like any other day actually. It actually reminds me that 2015 is in 6 MORE DAYS!! I am kinda freaking out cos i just realised i have a lot of homework that are kinda due in week 1. Good job myself! Was sick the past week which made me really uncomfortable to do anything. and i cant eat the bbq at shernice house which made me sad. i think my stomach is recovering which is good cos it mean i can eat good food now haha. will still avoid all those fried food for a while. tmr is njc match im excited and nervous cos i haven touched the ball for a week already holy. Hope it turn out well tmr please!! πŸ™‚

Btw i think i shall keep a journal in 2015. im going to try really hard to write everyday haha. Succeeded this in the whole of 2013 but kinda gave up in 2014 so im going to start over in 2015 haha. All the slacking in 2014 nov and dec means i have to work harder in 2015. Its going to be shitty but its okay cos one year from now i will be enjoying my ass off. i already have so much things i wanna do. i hope i dont slack them away haha.

im so easily bored. maybe i should finish reading my books. πŸ™‚ Im in need of so much motivation. sigh.

Omg i feel like im wasting this holiday away by simply rotting at home ( i cant seem to sit myself down to study sigh) and going for training. Time seemed to be unbearably long when i dont feel like doing something and finally i decided i wanted to study woah i have training HAHA. I think im getting more into tumblr recently cos im simply too bored and the internet is a piece of boring shit too if you cant find any videos to watch or read idk. It feel like tumblr is another kind of blog that mysteriously something will upload/create all the pictures/gifs and if you find it relatable you simply reblog or favourite it. It’s like better than instagram cos there’s gif and idk the pictures are really pretty or so relatable that sometimes i dont have to say anything but just simply reblog that certain post. im still learning how to fully use tumblr hhaha and omg i love my theme its so pretty. i probably just only haven tried twitter haha but tried stalking some ppl before and i dont get how it works so i gave up HAHAH i love sunday trainings its like i feel its the most useful training you play and they tell you how to improve and you try again and again until you can idk. and JL was kinda nice today i guess. And i swear tabby whole fam is damn enthu, we were like A div against their whole fam as one team hhaha i rotated defending all of them it feels quite weird HAHA but the dad is really nice like he keep telling me how to improve and keep on encouraging me πŸ™‚ wished JL takes the soft approach sometimes too and stop flaring up and scold everybody with some personal attacks. Somehow aless become JL’s favourite for now and its quite funny we keep teasing her. i actually feel proud when JL praises our team ppl idk why.

seriously felt like i should have signed up for prom comm oh gosh but nvm its too late. i just cant wait for the 28th!! i dont really want 2015 to come. Then again i want 2016 to come sigh. i already have so much plans made in my head…

oh oh sidenote im like reading mazerunner now and its finally getting interesting πŸ™‚ i think i can finish the second and third book within the week. πŸ™‚